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Planning Your New Orleans Wedding is Not Just an Event...It's an Experience!


Planning New Orleans weddings can be very frustrating and a challenging task. When do I contact my vendors?  How many should I contact? Which professionals will meet my expectations?
Weddings in New Orleans… Celebrated like no place else in the world – Police escorts, Second-Line parades, cake pulls and groom’s cakes.
Welcome to the Wedding Planning Experience!  You’re wedding day isn’t going to be just an event – it’s going to be “the event”. It’s your day and choosing the professionals that can assist you with planning and executing the vision for your day is paramount to accomplishing your goals.
The perfect scenario on your wedding day? –  It starts with your hair and make-up and ends with you and your new husband departing your reception – and all of your wedding day professionals did their part to make it the perfect event.
The Key to creating that perfect scenario - “Surround yourself with accomplished, reputable professionals that perform at a high level time after time.”
The Wedding Planning Experience will provide you with three tools to assist you with your efforts.  This website, your WPE Newsletter and The Wedding Planning Experinece TV Show will provide you with all you need to plan your wedding day with confidence.
“Live Chat” with one of our staff to get some of those questions or concerns answered immediately. Our staff has their finger on the pulse of the wedding industry here in New Orleans and will keep you informed about upcoming events and the latest trends in the wedding industry.
We’re here for you! We hope the time you spend with us provides you with the tools you need to enhance your big day.